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[ China - Trading Support ]

Instead of having business establishment in China, client can appoint our company to act as trading agent to handle all import / export matters. With our cost effective and efficient service, client's resources can better be focused on business development. Moreover, our professional team in Hong Kong, China and other cities work together to deliver varies services that suits different needs of clients (Please refer to Hong Kong - Trading Support for detail).


  • Source for supplier - supplier of lowest cost and highest quality with reliable delivery time.

  • Source for product - that suits your need, no matter it is as premium, gift or stock-clearing sale.

  • Handling of export matters - as most suppliers do not have export right and have little knowledge on internationally accepted export practice.

  • Handling of product quality assurance - in order to save client's cost of carrying out quality check and assurance program along the production cycle of goods.


  • Arrange import license and documentation - as most buyer in China do not have import right.

  • Market research - to better understand the market.

  • Buyer sourcing - for industrial and consumer products.

  • Distribution arrangement - for products into proper market channels, including wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets etc.

Service Hotline : (852) 8108 6560 or (86-21) 6249 3029 or  info@chandler.com.hk

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